Here are some frequently asked questions(FAQs) about sailing charters and instruction. If your question is not answered, call us and we’ll answer in person and post it later on this page.

Q. What should I bring for the charter?

  • Appropriate Clothing (It feels 10 degrees colder out on the bay)
  • Iphone to link with Bluetooth for your favorite music
  • Suntan Lotion
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Beverages (there is refrigerator on board to keep them cold)
  • Snacks (many people bring way too much food and drink!)
  • Camera
  • Soft-soled shoes (Black soled shoes, high heels and ski-boots are strongly discouraged)

Q. I know your website says only 6 guest maximum but can we fit 7 (Some of them are really small or thin…)

Well, no. Sorry that is a Federal Regulation enforced by the United States Coast Guard and we take that seriously. We are certified each year by the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary as an Uninspected Passenger Vessel to be in compliance with all safety standards and Federal regulations. Plus, the Penalties for Violations are rather severe:  The owner, charterer, charter agent and master may each be fined up to $5,000 for each violation in addition to being charged criminally. The vessel may also be subject to “in rem” penalties and seizure.

Q. Do I need to bring cups, bowls or a knife for the cheese?

Reliance, is a French design and mais oui, comes standard with a corkscrew, bottle opener, stemless acrylic wine glasses,  cutting boards and sharp cheese knives.

Q. Can I play music on the boat?

The boat, Reliance, is equipped with a 4-speaker stereo with FM radio and a wonky CD player. We usually play classical music from the USC public Radio station, KUSC. We do have a small Bluetooth Speaker, A BuckShot, and that can pair with your iPhone.

Q. What if I am prone to seasickness or just  worried about getting seasick?

Bonine is the once a day magic pill to prevent seasicknessA. Staying hydrated and above deck are great guidelines, but to guarantee an enjoyable trip, taking one Bonine tablet the night before your sailing trip is a magic pill endorsed by many of our guests.  Taking a pill when you start to feel ill is too late. If getting seasick is a concern, many customers and other sailors swear by the power of taking a Bonine, sleeping on it and enjoying a worry free day of sailing. While on the boat, we have wrist pressure-point wristbands that work wonders and a newish product called Quese-Ease that instantly improves the feelings of mal-de-mer.

Q. What if someone gets seasick and we want to cut the charter short?

Suffering from “mal de mer” is no fun. We will get back inside the marina as quickly as possible where the calm waters usually alleviate the symptoms right away. If you or your guests want to end the charter early, we will return to the dock and pro-rate your charter!

Q. Can I bring kids on board?

We have five kid/youth PFDs required for all passengers under the age of 13.

Kids are welcome to sail with Adult supervision. We have 3 PFDs (lifejackets) for children 30-50lbs and 2 PFDs (lifejackets) for children 50-80lbs. Please let us know in advance if you will need more than these.

Q. Is there a bathroom on board?

Yes! There is a private stand-up head with hot and cold running water.

Q. Can I bring my dog on board?

Dogs don’t understand the mandatory safety briefing, they don’t have the right shoes and if they decide to chase a pelican, well, the sailing charter won’t turn out to be what everyone hoped for. Best to leave Fido or Bruno at home where they won’t get underfoot or into a water polo match with a sea lion.

Q. How do I reserve a date for a charter and pay?

To check availability and pay, you can call, text or email. We generally require a 50% deposit paid through Paypal to hold and confirm the date. Paypal is used as an escrow account and the funds remain there until after the charter is completed. If you need to cancel, your deposit is 100% refundable. We live in L.A. and we get it. Things happen.The 50% balance can be paid again through Paypal the week of the sail or with Venmo, Cash or Credit Card after the charter as we are sailing down the channel to our slip.

Q. Is it okay to wear high-heels on board?

Um, No. High heels will punch holes in the cushions, scratch the deck and are unsafe. Keens brand sandals are great, Athletic shoes with non-marking soles are pretty ideal and if it is warm enough, going barefoot is encouraged.

Q. Is it okay to wear fancy designer sunglasses?

Wind, water and gravity can often conspire to claim them to the ocean. A sunglasses tether like a croakie can help keep them on your head or around your neck. We want you to come back with all of your accessories. Plus, dropping things in the ocean like plastic is a big no-no!

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