Unattended Ash Scattering / Burial at Sea – Marina del Rey

Admiralty Sailing continues to offer unattended ash scattering for families and funeral homes.
We have suspended all attended scattering and group sailing charters.

We scatter rose petals before and during the ash scattering. With the right light, the ashes glow with the spirit of the departed as they settle to their final resting place.

Remembrance at Sea | Ash Scattering
When it is time to commit a loved one’s ashes to the sea,  Admiralty Sailing is dedicated to providing a documented, dignified and serene memorial service. Our boat is based in Marina del Rey and offers services in Santa Monica Bay

Why choose Admiralty Sailing?
With a combined 12 years of experience of helping families scatter ashes, we provide a thoughtful caring experience for all of those involved and our customers tell us how satisfied they were with the service and often recommend us to others. We are licensed by the California Dept. of Consumer Affairs as a Cremated Remains Disposer, License 974 and we complete all of the required filings for you.

How do I book the ceremony and pay for the trip?
The best way is to call so we can talk about rose petal color, concerns, and scheduling. We can send a paypal invoice or you can provIde creditcard information or include a check with your shipment.

How much is the service?
Our flat rate is $180 for scattering 3 miles off of Venice Pier.

After the ceremony we will mail a remembrance card with the Latitude/Longitude and the Date of the scattering.
Unattended Scattering Photo Collage

What does the service include?
The service includes a dozen roses, the ash scattering, a mailed remembrance card noting the latitude/longitude of the scattering and an emailed photo collage PDF of the event.

We will photograph the ashes and flower petals on the boat with that day’s newspaper, the ashes, flower petals being scattered, and 2 views of the ashes/petals in Santa Monica Bay with a view of the coastline. We will select the best pictures, create, and email the photographic PDF record of the event. Sample PDF available here:  Unattended_Scattering.pdf

After the scattering, we will fill out the VS-9 form, send the original back to the County of Los Angeles and mail a copy back to the person authorizing the scattering along with a remembrance card showing the exact latitude and longitude of the scattering.

We will anonymize the shipping materials and dispose of the packaging, container and ashes bag.

Scattering ashes with rose petals

What paper work is required?
Generally, the ashes are in a plastic bag with a zip-tie inside of a hard plastic box. On top will be an envelope with a form inside. This is the “Application and Permit for Disposition of Human Remains”, or VS-9. In the bottom left corner of the form, (Box 16A), it should say “AT SEA OFF THE COAST OF LOS ANGELES COUNTY” and BOX 11 on the middle left should state, CREMATION/SEA. If it states something else, the VS-9 form should be exchanged for a correct form. Admiralty Sailing will take this form and fill out the Latitude/Longitude of the ash scattering and mail the original to the LA County Dept. of Public Health and send a copy to the family.

How do I get the ashes to Admiralty Sailing?
Your Funeral Home, Mortuary, or Crematory can assist you in shipping the ashes. They may also be able to ship the ashes to us directly. If you have the ashes in your possession, we can meet you in the Santa Monica/Marina del Rey area and take possession of them personally. Otherwise, Ashes must ship via the Post Office and not Fedex or UPS.

The USPS has a page by page “how to ship ashes” at http://about.usps.com/publications/pub139/ 

What do I include with the ashes?

  • The VS-9 California Burial Permit that states disposition as “At sea off the coast of Los Angeles County.” 
  • Authorization for the Scattering of Cremated Remains at Sea (page 2 of this PDF)
  • Your payment. We accept checks, Visa, MasterCard or Paypal. We can take your payment over the phone or fill out the form on page 3 of this PDF.

How do I pack and ship the ashes?
Pack the cremains in a siftproof (USPS jargon for powders) container.* The original plastic bag provided by the crematory is sufficient for a siftproof container. Put the siftproof container in a padded shipping box – your mortuary or funeral home can provide you with one. Mailpieces sent to domestic addresses must be sent using Priority Mail Express service.

Mark the outside “Cremated Human Remains” or even better, request Label 139 at the post office.

Ship cremains to: Admiralty Sailing, P.O. Box 10340, Marina Del Rey, CA 90295. The box must be mailed using  “Priority Mail Express”. This will ensure you have a tracking number from the post office. We cannot be held responsible for ashes during transit. A shipping label is included in this PDF.

What are my next steps for my Unattended Ash Scattering?
If you have read this far, you probably have a question or two. Please call Captain Stu @ 323-314-2963 to schedule your burial at sea remembrance ceremony.
Email Address: captainstu@admiraltysailing.com

Ashes and rose petals scattering

Unattended Ash Scattering Checklist, Authorization to scatter and Shipping label PDF Here