Admiralty Sailing’s Reliance is inspected annually by the United State Coast Guard to ensure that we are in compliance with all Federal Safety and Documentation rules. 

Admiralty Sailing believes in two core principles, delivery an outstanding on the water experience and the safety of everyone on board to have a great time.

This focus on safety is based on a maxim and the three rules of sailing. The Maxim is, If it is not safe we will not do it.

The Three Rules of Sailing Safety are:

  1. Keep the People in
  2. Keep the Water Out
  3. Don’t hit anything
  4. (My thanks to Captain Peter Damisch of Bluewater Sailing for teaching me these basic rules when I became a sailing instructor almost 20 years ago)

Of course, Reliance has all of the safety equipment required by the United States Coast Guard and Federal Regulations but, Admiralty Sailing goes beyond the minimum requirements.

As a USCG UPV we carry 8 Adult Type 1 PFDs and 2 youth Type 1 PFDs, each equipped with a light and a whistle.
Winslow Liferaft is the ultimate in Safety equipment
Admiralty Sailing stocks a Winslow Coastal Life raft in the very unlikely event of a water landing.
Orion Flares are required safety equipment and Reliance has over a dozen
Admiralty Sailing stocks Reliance with more Orion Flares than are required
In the unlikely event of an abandon ship emergency, The ACR GPS equipped EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) will be deployed with the Winslow Liferaft for instant communication of a mayday signal to the USCG.