What To Bring

Here is information on what to bring on your sailing experience.

Coppertone sunscreen is a great example of what to bring
Admiralty Sailing likes Coppertone Suntan products because they smell like summer and they work really well.
  • Appropriate Clothing (It feels 10 degrees colder out on the bay)
  • iPhone or iPod for your favorite music
  • Suntan Lotion
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Beverages (there is refrigerator on board to keep them cold)
  • Snacks (many people bring way too much food and drink!)
  • Camera
  • Soft-soled shoes (No high heels. really. I mean really!)

What Not to Bring

  • Illegal drugs. California may be friendly but the Federal government isn’t. Under Federal USCG rules, even bringing a doobie aboard is a big no-no.
  • Pets. We like dogs and cats. We like them on land. And they seem to like land a lot as well. We are happy to have small children on board on give them a turn at the wheel and talk to them and have them talk back. Dogs cannot steer and don’t take direction well.
  • High Heel or Black Soled shoes. I know it seems silly to mention but our boat is a casual affair. Even for ashes at sea ceremonies, just wear comfortable tennis shoes and for daysails, Keens or gum-soled shoes are best.
  • Fishing Equipment — We go sailing. We don’t go Fishing. People fishing require a license from the State and an endorsement from the the Federal Government (USCG) for the boat. I don’t like fish guts or scales on the boat so we do not fish.
  • Rap music. We do have a Bluetooth speaker that you can pair your iPhone with. We usually play classical music at a low volume to provide a mellow backdrop to a day on the ocean.
  • Banjos. Kazoos. Bagpipes. Really are you still reading this list? Just to cover the bases, no Monster trucks, photo drones, pyrotechnics, 3-card Monte artists, Bengal Tigers, etc.

Let’s Go Sailing